Ragnarok slot enchantment success rate

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Also, are the slot 3-4 enchantments known by testing, or by some other source? I wouldn't trust testing evidence just yet with these expensive weapons.As for success rate, there was a thread with an estimated success rate, but nothing is 100% factual

Ragnarok - Game Info - Gearing Up Success rate is 100% and the mount should be for your class. Equipment Equipment can be created through Equipment Composition. ... As in Ragnarok Online, monsters drop cards with special attributes. These cards can be applied to specific types of ... Ragnarok Mobile: How to Catch other Pets until all the red hearts disappear to get a 100% success rate). Click "Catch" with your last carrot. ... Ragnarok Mobile: Enchantment Equipment Enchantment is another feature for players to "strengthen" your equipment, or well, gaining additional stats. ...

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining ...

We will be giving you the Ragnarok Mobile Enchantment Quest Guide. On this article, you will get an idea how the Enchantment quest by Cat Friend is being done. 1. First quest will be the Basic enchantment. Just speak with the Cat Friend NPC and she will just give you the promotion for the Basic enchantment. Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining ... When Upgrading to End tier, refine level will be reduced by -2 and 2nd card slot is removed. Enchantments will stay. So, Enhance and Enchant as much as you want, but do not refine and add the extra card slot before Upgrading to End tier if you cannot afford to lose the -2 refine and the extra card slot. Therefore the best path is: Socket Enchant - LimitRO Wiki

When using katars, crit rate is doubled (not shown in stat window) so it is possible to achieve 100% crit rate with just 50 CRIT.

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Quest:Enchant Tutorial | Ragnarok Wiki | FANDOM powered by… Learn about Socket Enchantment and Hidden Enchantment from Danpoong and Seunpoong. "Welcome. Welcome to the Enchant Association. I am Danpoong, head of the Izlude branch of the Enchant Association. [Oh... a cat can speak???] Have you never seen a talking cat? Aion 5.6 enchantment (enchanting) success rate research Item slot.Bad success rate! Don't use these for enchanting archdaeva gear ever!The success rate is documented in “enchantment stone powder combination” Tab of this spreadsheet.

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